Thursday, May 7, 2015

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe - Music From The Television Series CD


La-La Land (2015)

You'll be hard pressed to find someone that clings to the nostalgia of their childhood more than me.  As I write this I'm surrounded by Shogun Warriors, Battle Beasts, Wheeled Warriors and other assorted action figures that took up many hours of my youth.  When I heard about this He-Man soundtrack being released, I knew I had to pick it up if for no other reason that it would be a great companion piece to my Art Of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe book that just came out.

On a positive note, this CD is extremely complete, sans one bizarre omission.  They're found every single possible chunk of synth soaked pretend orchestra music that could have possibly ever aired on this show.  We're talking one hundred and eleven tracks spread over two discs.  Main Title Theme with the triumphant "He-Man" shouted? Sure - 2 versions of it.  Main Title with no vocals? Got it.  Main Title with Spanish vocals throughout the entire song? Why not!  Amazingly, the one version of the Main Title that isn't on this CD is the one actually used in the show with the dialog explaining the backstory.  How that isn't on here is beyond me considering how packed this thing is.

If you're looking for a completists archive CD, this is for you.  If you are looking for a fun record to pop on and listen to, I'm not sure this is going to help.  This CD is so freaking long.  It's over two hours between the two discs.  Most of these musical pieces are just rehashes of three or four key themes.  I can't even begin to tell you how many times the Main Title Theme is recycled into these other tracks.  Sped up, slowed down, played happy, played's king of nuts and it becomes a chore to listen to after a while.

I wish this CD had been out when I was in college doing my radio show or even a few years ago when I was doing a podcast.  There's tremendous bed music opportunities on this disc.  But to just sit down and listen to it?  After a while it just feels like a chore.  Just buy the Art book instead, that thing is incredible.

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe - Main Theme:

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