Thursday, May 14, 2015

Record Store Day Haul #4: The Saints - Eternally Yours LP - Green Vinyl


Harvest (2015, Reissue)

You can only listen to Rocket From The Crypt for so long before somebody at some point brings up The Saints.  Specifically, I've got to assume they're talking about the lead off track on Eternally Yours, "Know Your Product.  Hey, it's a really great song and it has horns, so I get it.  And to be honest, if it wasn't for reading about The Saints due to Rocket From The Crypt, I couldn't say for sure if I would have ever listened to this band.

When the complete Record Store Day list came out, I thought this reissue would be a good way to finally add this record on vinyl to the collection.  It'll be on colored vinyl and I can just grab it with my other pickups.  As I had predicted, this was one I was able to acquire much later in the day with minimal hassle, so no camping out needed. 

I'll admit it, in general I'm not as frequent a listener of 70's and 80's punk rock as a lot of people.  Not that there isn't plenty of good stuff out there and not that I don't own my share, because I do.  But I tend to spend the bulk of my time on the 90's to the present.  The thing has always struck me about The Saints is that they just don't sound as dated as a lot of bands from a similar time frame. 

The highlight is the horn accented "Know Your Product," but the album certainly doesn't die there.  Song after song of punky, slightly garage-y hits follow like "Private Affair," "Orstralia" and the cleverly titled "No, Your Product."  The whole album is rock solid though; not a dud on either side.  They did a pretty good job with this reissue, though I'll admit to not really knowing if the cover photo looks quite this blown out on an original copy.  From a music standpoint, it's absolutely worth picking up if you don't already own it

The Saints - "Know Your Product":

The Saints - "Orstralia":

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