Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spoilers - Stay Afloat 12" - Blue w/ Splatter Vinyl


Brassneck / Boss Tuneage (2015)

Let me tell you something, when Spoilers are clicking for me they're at the very top level of current punk rock bands that I like.  The only issue that I have is that as far as my taste in music goes, Stay Afloat has its moments that veer sharply into territory I don't like as much.

There are two main reasons I didn't pick this up right when it came out.  The first was postage related and I was waiting for the chance to bundle it up with some other records that I wanted from the UK.  The second reason is that I just don't like the lead track on this EP, "All For One."  It flies by at two thousand miles an hour, leans heavily on that galloping drum beat that I really don't care for and has biting, shouted lyrics.  It's kind of a perfect storm of tthings that turns me off of bands.  Spoilers don't play this style of music poorly or anything, it's just not the kind of thing I like to listen to.

Once you get past that opening song though, the next two songs on side A are simply tremendous.  They're much more in line with the sort of middle tempo, organ fueled pop that Snuff has mastered late in their career.  The vocals are super melodic, a stark comparison to the prior song's shouting, and they've worked in hooky choruses in all the right places.  I couldn't ask for two better songs, truthfully.  

When you flip over to side B, we have the exact same scenario.  The first song is too fast and loud for me, but the next two are essentially perfect.  It's and interesting situation.  Six songs, two of which I don't like, but four that are among the best UK punk songs I've heard in quite some time.  Those four are great enough that I recommend this 12" without hesitation, but I definitely hope the band goes in the direction of their more melodic work as they move forward and put out more records.

Spoilers - Stay Afloat 12":

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