Monday, April 25, 2016

The Thermals - We Disappear LP - Clear Vinyl


Saddle Creek (2016)

We Disappear is the seventh album by The Thermals and at this stage, one thing is very clear: The Thermals know how to put out a good record.  Although there are some that I don't like quite as much as others, these guys simply do not know how to write a bad record and they have thirteen years worth of releases to back that up.  My only issue is that for the last ten years, they just haven't been able to manage a great album.

In my opinion, the first two Thermals records, More Parts Per Million and Fucking A, are the band's flat out classics.  I never thought that they managed to capture the energy of those records ever again.  Maybe it's because drummer Jordan Hudson left the band?  Maybe it's because their third album The Body, The Blood, The Machine was the one that really gained them the notoriety they had been deserving all along?  I'm not really sure, but all I know is that after thinking their first two records were flawless masterpieces, I've just thought every record since then has been good.

Thats not really a knock, I've bought them all and have enjoyed each one in its way.  We Disappear is the same.  Lots of great, catchy songs with strong hooks and Hutch's trademark vocal yelp.  This record is packed full of really good songs.  I'm just missing the 'fuck the world' energy of the first two records.  I miss going to their shows and jumping up and down while screaming along until I'm blue in the face.  We Disappear is a good record; at times a very good record.  I just wish it was great.  

The Thermals - We Disappear:

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  1. While I like this record I know they will never live up the potential that I saw in their first three records. I'll still buy anything they put out this is disappointing.