Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wild Animals - Basements: Music To Fight Hypocrisy CD


Waterslide (2016)

Wild Animals was one of the CDs that Waterslide records sent over to me to review.  Though the artwork didn't stand out to me when I first started shuffling through all of the CDs, once I popped it in to listen to I was immediately struck by how amazing this album is.  If it isn't the best CD that Waterslide sent me, it's certainly vying for that top spot.

Wild Animals hail from Madrid and while I can't say that I'm super familiar with a ton of bands from Spain; this is a record that makes me want to get more acquainted with that scene.  That being said, I'm at something of a loss of words on how to describe this band.  

Basements tends to be on the fast side of things and the guitars are typically crunchy enough where you could say it's good poppy punk, but that is kind of selling this album short.  There are elements of bands like Silver Scooter, particularly the way the bass is all sorts of loud and fuzzy, providing a driving and melodic foundation.  The occasional early Built To Spill sounding guitar solo sears through some of the songs, giving ones like "Avacado" a decidely indie rock vibe.  The songs are varied enough where every one has something unique to offer and the truly, truly outstanding male/female vocal harmonies make the choruses in these songs simply soar.

It's really a fantastic record and probably one of the best I've heard all year.  This is absolutely the sort of album that will make me dig through Wild Animals' back catalog to try to catch up.  I highly recommend this one.

Wild Animals - Basements: Music To Fight Hypocrisy:

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