Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Hum Hums - Back To Front CD


Waterslide (2015)

It's impossible to say as many good things about Waterslide records as I want to.  The pile of CDs they sent me to review has yielded gem after undiscovered gem and The Hum Hums is right at the top of the pile.  I will admit, I'm not nearly as up on the current crop of non-Snuffy Smiles Japanese bands as I was when I was a bit younger.  More of them are slipping through the cracks as it is difficult to keep up with a scene that gets so little exposure in America.  I'm positive that if the spotlight was a little brighter over there, more people would be likely to listen to this sort of thing.

I had never heard or even heard of The Hum Hums prior to popping in this CD, but let me tell you I sure am glad I've heard them now.  Back To Front is a little different to describe.  At its core is the very essence of a Ramones-core, 1990s pop punk band.  But the way that The Hums Hums craft their songs, in particular the truly glorious vocal harmonies, elevate every song on this album to something special.

If you listen to "She Won't Spread It" (which is about someone keeping secrets - I know where your mind was going), I just can't imagine you not being impressed with the way the backing vocals lift the song up.  It's nearly impossible for me not to sing along every time it comes on.  That's just one of a myriad of hits on this album.  "Introvert," "Sidewalk Surfers" and "Starway" all have just as many incredible moments that suck you into the record.  All I can do is thank the folks at Waterslide for sending this over to me.  This is great stuff.

The Hum Hums - Back To Front:

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