Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Danger Signs - Reset LP


Big Neck (2016)

I think one of the reasons I still do this silly website is because I still read reviews and buy records because of them.  It's definitely not like it was when I was younger, but I still find value in the opinions of others.  That is how I discovered Danger Signs as I found the review of Reset on Razorcake.  The description seemed up my alley, so I decided to pick it up.  There wasn't anything I was able to find online to check out any songs, so I had to just rely on the written word.

I'm glad I took the chance as this is a pretty great record.  If anything, my biggest complaint is that it didn't come with a download code so I had to make my own MP3s of it in order to listen to it on the go.  Regarding the music itself, this is the sort of punked out, garagey stuff that I love.  If you imagine the fastest and loudest Marked Men songs, Danger Signs' slowest songs are a bit faster than that.  They are constantly in the red, tearing through song after song.

Occasionally, they go a little too fast for their own good and sacrifice the hooks and melodies for speed and a bit of shouting.  It's only a few times over the course of the record, but those are my least favorite moments.  I tend prefer the songs where Danger Signs are only playing at ridiculous speed as opposed to ludicrous speed.  These are guys that really know how to punch a hook into the middle of a song.  They will be chugging along when suddenly you are listening to the god damn catchiest thing you ever heard.

If you are into bands like The Marked Men, Chinese Telephones or maybe to a lesser extent The Carbonas, Danger Signs is worth checking out.  Unfortunately, you'll probably have a hard time finding a way to check them out and you may have to just take a chance on the record like I did.  I actually did find one song from the record on their Bandcamp, but that appears to be all that is out there.

Danger Sings - "Little Late":

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