Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Notches - High Speed Crimes LP - Red Vinyl


Young Modern (2016)

When I reviewed the Notches 7" a couple of weeks ago I had mentioned that the songs were strong, but I thought the recording had ended up making things sound a bit flat.  They still showed a ton of potential and that potential is absolutely realized with their first full length album, High Speed Crimes. 

The first thing that leaps out at me is how much Notches are able to capture a real chaotic, but still supremely catchy, energy on this album.  They're able to combine higher pitched, melodic vocals and a fuzzed out, crunchy guitar sound that is always on the bleeding edge of being in the red.  Combine that with a drummer that sounds like he is beat the absolute shit out of his drum set and you've got yourselves a potent little band.  Notches remind me so much of early Rumspringer and that's high praise from me as I love that band (Side note: does anyone know if Rumpringer is still a band? Haven't heard anything out of them in quite some time).  

I say this in the most endearing way I possibly can: Notches are the absolute best kind of sloppy pop.  If you long for the days of bands like Corduroy or if you've taken a shine to something a bit more current like Hooper, I really can't imagine that Notches wouldn't also be right up your alley.

Notches - High Speed Crimes:

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