Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bonehead - You 7"


Miss 45 (2016)

This is another 7" that was sent to me to review.  Artwork wise, I figured it had potential.  Though after listening to it, I'm pretty underwhelmed.  In the accompanying photocopied letter the person behind Bonehead, Alexandra, refers to herself as a "songwriter, producer, musician."  Maybe it's just the world I come from, but that sure seems like a weird trilogy of descriptions to lead with.  What's wrong with 'I made a record?' Anyway, the silly letter isn't the real problem with this 7".  The real problems are the songs and the recording quality.

The 7" starts off with "You." It's a really stripped down and basic song with a slinky bass line and low key vocals.  It has a real 60's vibe, that isn't necessarily bad, but it's nothing very memorable.  What really drags it down is the rudimentary drumming.  I'm not saying I could do better or anything, drums go off beat just with me being in the room sometimes, but I'm also not recording and releasing my own 7" with me drumming on it.

We then move on to "Gone Girl."  It sounds so completely different, recording wise.  The vocals are totally blown out and echo-y which kills any melody.  At least the drumming is a little better, well until the entire song goes completely off the rails during a really weird guitar solo.  Wrapping things up on the B side is "Take Out The Trash."  Again, the recording quality and volume shifts wildly.  The vocals are super compressed the way a cliche 80's song would be (think of that cover of "Money (That's What I Want)" by The Flying Lizards).  Oh, and there's a quick solo played by pushing buttons on a telephone.  Bad news.

Bonehead - You 7":

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