Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Real Numbers - Wordless Wonder LP - White Vinyl


Slumberland (2016)

Real Numbers are a band that have been on my radar for about 5 years now.  They released a 7" here, a 12" EP there, but would then go back into hibernation for an extended spell.  Wordless Wonders is their first full length and while I won't pretend I've been waiting at the edge of my seat for this moment to arrive, I was excited that the band was finally putting out an album.

The resulting album reminds me a lot more of their 12" from a few years ago than it does their earlier 7".  It's a good album, but that's as high praise as I'll be able to give the whole thing.  Most songs are pretty mellow, though still quite catchy in places.  It has a definite low key, 60's style vibe to it with the vocals having just enough echo effect on them to make you wonder if the band is slipping into the world of psych rock.  Thankfully none of the songs are far out enough to really cross that line.

Where Real Numbers really shine are when they flat out play fast songs.  When the band revs up their Vacant Lot style rippers "Just So Far Away" and "Up & About" it makes me wonder how much I would love this album if it was crammed full of tracks like that.  Regardless, it's a pretty good album start to finish with a handful of standouts.  There aren't any bad songs, there just aren't enough great ones to make this an album of the year contender.  Still worth a listen.

Real Numbers - Wordless Wonder:

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