Thursday, March 2, 2017

Capitalist Kids / Hospital Job - Split 7" - Beige Vinyl


Rad Girlfriend / It's Alive (2016)

This record is quite the throwback.  It's like the glory days of the 90's when two pop punk heavyweights would share a split 7" bringing joy to the world.  It was also a good way to discover new bands back then.  Maybe you didn't know Goober Patrol until you picked up that split with Mr. T Experience.  Perhaps you'd never heard Lovemen until you bought that split 7" with Hooton 3 Car.  The split 7" can be a gateway to many wonderful new things.

On this one we have two bands I've been following since the get go.  First up is Hospital Job.   They've always been walking a fine line between Fig Dish and Blink 182.  There are times that they threaten to bleed over to a side of punk rock that's a little cheesy, but they always manage to keep the hooks full and their melodies tight.  The two new songs on this split are their tried and true formula of mid tempo, catchy rockers.  Two more songs worthy of their catalog.

Capitalist Kids are more of the throwback to the sort of Mr. T Experience style of mid 90's punk rock.  The songs are straightforward with killer choruses.  They're also usually know for intertwining some politics into their songs, but the ones on this split don't address that topic so much.  Still, how can you go wrong with a song about how you'll always be second place in your girl's life to Morrissey.  Fun, witty stuff as always from these guys.

Capitalist Kids / Hospital Job - Split 7"

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