Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Midway Still - Go Team No Hope CD


Waterslide / Bitter and Twisted (2016)

While in Japan, I certainly bought a lot of records by Japanese bands, though I did pick up a few things here and there by bands from elsewhere.  One of those was the latest record by Midway Still.  I am so glad I grabbed this as it is easily the best album they've released since reforming a few years ago and you could make the argument that it holds up against any of their hits from the 90's as well.

The album starts off with the terse and tough guitar blast of "Wicked World." It's moments like this that remind you of how uniquely positioned the bans was when they were around originally.  They're not quite as melodic or moody as Senseless Things, they're not quite as catchy as Snuff and they're not as blistering punk rock as Leatherface.  However, Midway Still kind of straddles a midway point (ahem) between all of these great bands.  They take pieces from each and create their own sound that really is the exact kind of punk rock I want to listen to.

Just take a listen to the one-two punch of "Hey Summer" and "What's The Price."  Talk about back to back hits, these two songs are among the best Midway Still has ever released with hooks and catchy choruses that just beg to be shouted along to.  Go Team No Hope is another fantastic record from Midway Still and it's a great starting point if you've never heard them before.  Then go buy Dial Square.

Midway Still - Go Team No Hope:

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