Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sea Lilies - Soonest 12" EP


Tired As A Chicken (2018)

Over the past fifteen years, few bands have delighted me in the way that Sick Sick Birds and Dead Mechanical have.  I love everything that each of those bands have created, so I was pretty devastated when they both broke up.  What I didn't expect was for members of each band to join forces in a new project together.  Lucas Carscadden and Matt Dorsey from Dead Mechanical have teamed up with Mike Hall from Sick Sick Birds to create an incredible EP that only makes me yearn to hear more.

Each of the band's six songs are flawless in their execution, bringing together the melodic pop mastery of SSB with the gritty, fast paced energy and dynamic guitar work of Dead Mechanical.  The thing that really strikes me is how much Sea Lilies really is a sum of their parts.  They've managed to take the very best parts of each of their former bands and merged them into something that lives up to all expectations and in certain ways surpasses their previous work.  

The only criticism I can possibly give is I wish it were longer and had double the amount of songs on it (they have an excellent demo that I would have loved to be included on this vinyl release).  This EP is hands down, easily one of the best things you will hear this year.  I flat out love it, I hope they sell a billion copies of it and I am anxiously awaiting their next release.  Hopefully that comes out real soon.  Go buy this.

Sea Lilies - Soonest EP:

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