Monday, January 14, 2019

Flight Kamikaze - Going Down Cassette


Motorcycle Potluck (2018)

I received a package of cassettes from Motorcycle Potluck.  I'm certainly on record as not being a big fan of cassettes and the amount of stuff I still get from More Power Tapes has made me reconsider if I should even review them, but the person from Motorcycle Potluck included a note saying they were friends with Chuck from Snappy Little Numbers and also is in the band Lawsuit Models.  Since both of those are true symbols of quality in my book, I went into these cassettes with an open mind and perhaps some slightly high expectations.

I'm starting off with Flight Kamikaze's four song EP.  The short story is it's pretty good.  The note enclosed with these tapes compared them to The Marked Men and Samiam.  Those are definitely solid starting points from a frame of reference, particularly with Samiam when it comes to guitar riffage and The Marked Men when it comes to playing fast and loud.

All of the songs are pretty short and this tape just flies by when you listen to it.  I do like what I hear though and would be interested in seeing where Flight Kamikaze goes next.

Flight Kamikaze - Going Down:


  1. Listening to this on Spotify and I think it's straight up not bad. It feels like early days and that the next record will probably be pretty good.