Thursday, May 23, 2019

Bad Year - My Escape 12"

Snappy Little Numbers (2019)

There's a pretty decent chance that if you start a pop punk band and name it after my second favorite Sicko song, I'll probably be into whatever you release.  And that's the case with Bad Year from Denver.  They play pop punk, they like Sicko and apparently G.I. Joe based on the cover artwork.  There's a lot to like here.

The one thing that I don't like is that this is a one sided 12".  Come on guys, record five more songs and put out a full length.  EPs always end up getting buried in my collection and as nice as the screen print on the B side is, I would happily replace it with some more songs.  The good news is that all seven songs that are on the A side are a ton of fun.  While there is surely a Sicko influence present, I wouldn't say that any of these songs really sound that much like Sicko (aside from the slightly hidden cover of the actual Sicko song "Bad Year" snuck in as a sort-of unlisted track at the end).  ''

The 90s vibe is unmistakeable, but I kind of feel like Bad Year has more in common with the poppier side of the spectrum that you'd expect to hear on No Idea.  I think it's mainly the vocals that brings this to mind as they have the sort of gruffness you'd come to expect from bands that are probably much angrier than Bad Year seem to be.  These songs are catchy and upbeat, with choruses that beg you to sing along.  I really dig this EP and it leaves me wanting to hear more.  If only there was somewhere on this 12" that they good have fit some more songs.  Maybe next time...

Bad Year - My Escape 12":

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