Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Hamiltones - The Shape of Walter 7" - Blue Vinyl


Swimming Faith (2019)

When I opened up the package that contained this Hamiltones 7", I was kind of excited.  Despite the fact that I don't really like reviewing cassettes, The Hamiltones were a discovery I made a few years ago digging through a pile of tapes that got sent to me to write about.  I'm glad to see them with a record on vinyl.

To me, The Hamiltones are something of a cross between The Hex Dispensers and The Ventures.  At their core they are an instrumental surf band, but like the Hex Dispensers, they lean towards a style that seems more at home in a haunted house than it would at a beach party.  With song titles like "Flowers for Wolfman (In Human Form)" and "Dracula Goes To The Gas Station...Alone...Again" you can see the vibe they are going for, but the fact that they are able to convey this vibe without any vocals is impressive.

Equally impressing is the artwork.  My cover is screened on a piece of sandpaper.  That is definitely something I have never seen before and I think it's a really cool idea, provided I'm able to keep the grain away from the vinyl itself.  I'm a fan of this one.

The Hamiltones - The Shape of Walter 7":

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