Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hidden Spots - New Me / New You LP - Pink Vinyl (/100)


Dead Broke (2019)

I bought the first Hidden Spots album on Mauled By Tigers back in 2009.  I liked it, but it predates this website by a few years and was even before I started taking pictures of records on my Flickr account.  It was a fun record, but not one that I can say I went back to over and over again as the years went by.  That said, I did like it enough to pick up this posthumous album that apparently has been sitting around for years before finally getting a release from the fine folks at Dead Broke.

New Me/New You is great.  It's better than their 2009 LP and really makes me think of the old Davis, CA band Playground.  There's a gruffness and an obvious Jawbreaker worship going on, but it's not a cover band or a copycat.  It's a band taking the inspiration and using it to create stellar songs. Much how Playground did.  (In all seriousness, you really should check out the unreleased Playground album No Angel.  The band put it up on Bandcamp a few years ago and it's just unbelievably good).

This Hidden Spots record is really worth checking out.  If you're into Off With Their Heads or Iron Chic, these guys will probably fit in your record collection quite nicely.

Hidden Spots - New Me/New You:

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