Thursday, August 1, 2019

Water Closet - You And Me 7"


Episode Sounds (2014)

Water Closet is a band that I've known about for ages and ages.  I've had their first 7" for nearly twenty years and I bought their second LP via over the seas mailorder from Rugger Bugger back when I used to stick cash in an envelope and mail it all over the world.  While I've always enjoyed the band, I haven't kept up with them as much as some of the other bands of their era I was interested in.

Water Closet has a bunch of records that I don't have, but this 7" is the one that I decided to pick up while I was in Tokyo.  It has three totally solid pop punk songs with nice hooks and melodic vocals.  The vocal duties are shared so you get some of that really nice male/female dynamic with some particularly strong backing vocals.

My favorite of the three is "As It Is."  It's the most upbeat of the three and definitely has the best vocal melody.  But all of the songs are quite good.  Listening to it makes me want to go break out that Rugger Bugger LP that I probably haven't played in fifteen years.

Water Closet - You and Me 7":

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