Saturday, September 7, 2019

Don't Call It A Comeback


Well, I guess you can kind of call it a comeback actually.  Starting up Monday, I'll be putting reviews up on the site again.  I'm going to make a few little changes though.

I have to admit, after doing this site for nearly eight years (on top of the really shitty reviews I wrote on Flickr prior to that) I've started feeling burnt out.  Writing my reviews has felt like work at times and while I love listening to records and telling people about the records that I love, I hated feeling like it was something I was required to do constantly.  There were days where I'd really struggle for something to say or didn't have a record handy that I felt I had listened to enough to really give a solid opinion on.

Again, I was burnt and that's a big reason why I took a few weeks off. And of course to give people time to read about and buy the fantastic Shoplifters full length we put out on PopKid records

(If you haven't already picked up a copy, it would be wonderful if you could:

Starting this week, I'll be doing my new schedule.  Rather than new reviews Monday through Thursday, I'm going to do three reviews a week and I'll post them on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  While it may not seem like much, writing one less review a week for me makes a big difference and it's one less day a week that I'll have to scramble around in the morning to make sure everything is posted while I'm getting ready for work.

Some of the things I've done over the past few years that I've had the most fun doing have been things like the Weird Al Box Set review series where one day a week I tackle a theme for a few weeks.  I'm going to do more stuff like that when I can and on Wednesday, I'll be starting up the first one I have planned.  It'll probably last a while, so I won't have to think up a second project for quite some time.

Anyway, thanks to those that come around this site and say nice things on Twitter.  It's appreciated, but what I like most is being able to share great bands with people that care.  If you discover a band because I've written about them, let me know.  That's the greatest thing for me to hear.  Well, that and the email notification sound I get when someone buys a Shoplifters LP.

Oh yeah, and one last reminder - Make sure you check out the PopKid webstore and dig through the records I'm pruning from the collection.  Most I've reviewed in the past on this site and a lot are pretty great, there just isn't enough time in the day to listen to them all and I want them to have better homes:

See you Monday.

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