Monday, September 23, 2019

Pleather - Wasting Time With Riot 7"


Feral Kid (2019)

This 7" showed up in the mail a couple of weeks ago courtesy of Feral kid records.  It's the debut slab of vinyl from Pleather, hailing from Mississippi.  On the 7" are two really short and economical pop songs.  While neither are anything that I find particularly exciting, I don't think they are bad either.

To me, Pleather sound like a cross between Baby Shakes and that old 90s band The Brentwoods. The guitars have a treble heavy tone to them and there's definitely a throwback vibe in their rock and roll music.  Lyrically, the songs are kind of light on typical rhyming structure.  There are couplets in "Wasting Time" that build off of each other, but the construction of the song is a little out there.  "Riot" doesn't have much rhyming either and appears to be about either a cat or a dog (or is a song with such deep meaning, I'm far too stupid to pick up on the possible hidden metaphor).

Both songs clock in at about a minute and a half, so if you happen to love the songs, they're over pretty quick.  Though the flip side to that would be if you hate them, at least you don't have to listen to them for any sort of extended duration.  I'm in the middle.  These songs are just OK and they don't stick around long enough to make any more of an impression on me than that.

Pleather - "Wasting Time":

Pleather - "Riot":

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