Monday, January 27, 2020

Cheap Perfume - Burn It Down LP - Blue Vinyl


Snappy Little Numbers (2019)

I wasn't familiar with Cheap Perfume prior to getting this record in the mail from Snappy Little Numbers.  As a label they've got a hell of a track record, so I'm always excited to check out one of their new releases.  When it comes to Cheap Perfume, it's a bit of a mixed bag for me.  There are elements I enjoy and parts that I'm not as into.

Lyrically, I can say that this is a band that puts a ton of thought and emphasis on the message they are conveying.  They deal with sexism, racism, violence, fascism and a myriad of other topics that many bands would shy away from.  They tackle these matters with ferocity and vigor.  The lyrical structures are done extremely well, nothing feels shoehorned in just to make the rhyme scheme work.  There's a narrative to their songs that are really impressive.

Musically, this isn't a band that's really my cup of tea for the bulk of the record.  There's kind of a Pretty Girls Make Graves energy to the songs, though most of them don't have the same sort of hooks.  The big exception for me is "Fauxminism."  This is by far the catchiest song on the record and the vocal melody has the sort of memorable melody that my brain tends to gravitate towards.

A lot of the other songs are more aggressive and sometimes it feels like the dual vocals are fighting rather than complimenting each other.  For the style the band is playing, they do a hell of a job.  It's just not the sort of thing I tend to listen to as much.

Cheap Perfume - Burn It Down:

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