Friday, January 31, 2020

Supersuckers - La Mano Cornuda LP


Sub Pop (1994)

Supersuckers are one of those early rock and roll bands that caught my attention in the 90s as I was figuring out the sort of things that I liked most.  They tended to go hand in hand with Rocket From The Crypt in those early days and it was my high school friend Joe that first picked up one of their albums.  Even though the Supersuckers have released about ten thousand records at this point, the only ones that I really like are the first three.  This is likely because they have some strong nostalgia built into them, but also because I think that is when they were at their peak as far as writing songs that appealed to my taste.

I have always thought that La Mano Cornuda was the best Supersuckers album and it starts off with "Creepy Jackalope Eye," my favorite song of theirs.  The building guitar riff and the punchy chorus are a perfect combination and it's a song I always drum along to on the steering wheel of my car when played.  The entire album is pretty strong, with the Supersuckers laying down their version of rock and roll that pulls from garage and punk elements without veering too far from straight up rock.

With all of that said, I don't know if I would like any of their albums if I heard them for the first time today.  They were all something of a time and place sort of thing and my affection for them is very much tied to hearing them for the first time over twenty-five years ago.  Regardless of when, how or why I like them, I so still think their first three albums are a lot of fun.  They've been hard to add to the collection at a reasonable price on vinyl.  I've got the most important one locked in, now I need to get my hands on the other two.

Supersuckers - "Creepy Jackalope Eye":

Supersuckers - "On The Couch":

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