Monday, March 2, 2020

Brown Lobster Tank - Tooth Smoke LP


Dr. Strange (1995)

When my buddy John moved to California, he gave me a handful of LPs that he still had floating around.  Why he kept the few he had, I'll never know, but one of them was this Brown Lobster Tank LP.  I listened to these guys back in the 90s and even held on to one of their 7"s after they changed their band name to just be The Tank.  But I probably hadn't heard this band in twenty three years, best case scenario.

Well, truthfully I like this more than I did back in the 90s.  The competition was much tougher back then and for a band that was heading down the Cruz/Big Drill Car path, why would you get all that excited when actual Big Drill Car was still playing?  In 2020, Tooth Smoke is a refreshing throwback since there aren't really many bands that sound much like this any more.  It's a sound that really isn't en vogue right now, but one that I will always have a soft spot for.

If you have a CD collection with bands like Pollen, Crumb or to a lesser extent All, it's probably worth giving Brown Lobster Tank a listen.  They are definitely in that wheel house and I'm sure these guys flew under the radar for a lot of folks back when there were a lot more bands to choose from in the mid 90s.

Brown Lobster Tank - Tooth Smoke (Full album playlist):

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