Monday, April 13, 2020

David Quinton - Overlook Road LP


Secret Mission (2019)

Secret Mission is a label that I always look forward to receiving a package from.  I'm not exactly sure how my website ended up on their radar, but I'm glad it did and am grateful to get a handful of records from them every so often.  They tend to mine jewels from sectors of music I have very little familiarity with.  When they put out a record by a Japanese band, it's always one I've never heard of, despite my passionate interest in Japanese punk rock.  The other scene that they tend to release a lot from is from 80s power pop musicians that I'm not familiar with.

This David Quinton record is a prime example of the latter of these groups.  While the bio references his work with Stiv Bators, David Quinton is a name that I'm uncertain I've heard before.  In listening to Overlook Road, it surprises me that he isn't significantly more well know.  This is an album filled with ultra catchy power pop.  In some instances it reminds me of The Cars and certainly has that jangly, punch guitar sound that I would associate with middle-era Ocasek productions.

What is consistent song after song are the stellar vocal melodies that weave through this album.  They are instantly hummable and play nicely with the aforementioned guitar jangle.  Even though the cover artwork might make you think of the older brother from Mr. Belvedere, this is a great listen and certainly one that would appeal to folks that are super into 80's power pop.  I'm just a sometimes visitor to that scene and even I can get down with this album.

David Quinton - Overlook Road"

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