Monday, August 31, 2020

Broken Record - I Died Laughing Cassette


Snappy Little Numbers (2020)

Let's get it out of the way.  Cassette.  Boo.  And the reason I have to say that specifically with this release is because I really like and wish it was released on vinyl instead of being committed to tape purgatory in my record collection.  Let's be honest, of course I have some tapes in my collection.  It's the only format certain records are available in.  But I hardly ever listen to the actual cassettes.  I'll pop the MP3s on to my iPod and listen that way while working, but I rarely get the same sort of sit-down-and-listen time that I put into vinyl records.  That's my fault more than anything, but again, sure wish this one was on vinyl.

The reason for that is that this tape is a wonderful slice of fuzzy guitar pop.  It has a 90s throwback vibe that makes me think they would have been an excellent companion for one of those early Jimmy Eat World split 7"s.  I'm specifically thinking in the Jejune, Christie Front Drive category.  Broken Record has the pop hooks, but they also bring a health dollop of melodic melancholy to the table.

Combine this wonderful 90s vibe with some killer vocal harmonies and you've got the makings of an album really worth going out of your way to check out.  Who knows, maybe if they blow through all of those tapes and the unrelenting demand is there, a vinyl release could someday happen.  This is one of those records that definitely deserves it.  Good stuff.

Broken Records - I Died Laughing:

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