Monday, August 24, 2020

See-Saw - Get A Chance! 7"


Secret Mission (2019)

I'm having some sort of bizarre deja vu with this record.  I thought I wrote about it already, but I keep looking around and I can't find what I wrote.  I vividly remember this cover artwork, but I don't think I've done anything with it yet.  I even thought that maybe the band had another 7" I'd already reviewed, but I can't find that either.  What I'm getting at here is if I have somehow written about this record before and you find it before I do, you are much better at searching that I am.

Anyway, on to the record.  See-Saw are from Japan and play fast and catchy garage-y pop-punk.  If that sounds like a good mix of descriptors to you, I don't imagine you would be disappointed popping this record on your turntable.  The two A side songs are blazing fast with a slightly distorted guitar tone that still lets some of that nice power pop jangle shine through.

The B side song, "Don't Cry Anymore," slow things down a little bit but still has that same inherent hook-iness that the two faster songs have.  Now, is this a band that ranks as highly as some of my favorite Japanese bands?  No, they are more on the garage end of the spectrum whereas I prefer bands keep things more rooted in pop punk sounds.  That said, I do think this is a pretty good little 7".  I like all three songs and would be interested in hearing some more from See-Saw.

See-Saw - "Get A Chance!":

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