Monday, September 7, 2020

Bauwave - U R Everything LP


Salinas (2020)

U R Everything is the debut from Bauwaves, which likely explains why I hadn't heard of them prior to this record showing up recently.  At least that can be a partial reason, I sure feel like there are a ton of bands floating around these days that I'm unfamiliar with.  Regardless, Bauwaves are one of those bands so I had no frame of reference when I put this record on for the first time.

They first thing that struck me is the sludgy guitars and the fuzzed out vocals.  Though the band's Bandcamp page makes reference to early SST records, what jumped to my mind is early 90s Pacific Northwest noisy, indie rock.  I wouldn't have been shocked to hear this band on one of those Kill Rock Stars compilations that were particularly influential to me when I was figuring out music.  Though I'd probably most expect to find them on the Slice of Lemon comp.  Don't ask me to explain why, I just picture it in my head that way.

I probably would have liked this more in the 90s than I do now.  While I do not dislike it, the muddy production and the almost underwater-like vocals don't have the same currency with me today as they did when I was twenty.  Back then, if I had heard one of the faster songs like "Years Later" I probably would have at least gone digging around the record store bins to see if I could find a 7" of theirs to hear more.  But today, I don't see this as something I'll listen to all that much.  Though it definitely does have its moments.

 Bauwave - U R Everything:

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