Monday, June 28, 2021

Quaker Wedding - Russian Hills - Lathe 7"


Not Tapes Not Bombs Tapes Lathes (2021)

Quaker Wedding popped on my radar last years with their excellent full length In Transit.  They're back with a two song, lathe cut 7" and as much as I liked that LP, these songs may be even better.

My major complaint about A side "Russian Hill" is that it's way too short.  It's such a good song, I'm betting it to continue for another two or three minutes.  Hell, I'd be fine if it was one of those songs that just flat out repeated the verse just to pad the run time a little longer.  It's an upper mid-tempo rocker that feels like Jawbreaker somewhere in between 24 Hour and Dear You.

B side "Running List" slows things down a little bit, but still brings forward an energy that feels like it could explode at any moment.  The vocals are full and impassioned without drifting into cornball territory and the chugging guitar chords set the perfect tone.

I really, really dig this 7" and I hope that there's more Quaker Wedding material being worked on.  They are quickly becoming one of my favorite new bands.

Quaker Wedding - Russian Hills - Lathe 7":

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