Monday, June 7, 2021

The Stools - Live At Outer Limits 12-28-19 LP - White Vinyl


Big Neck (2021)

The Stools aren't a band name I was personally familiar with when I popped open the package from Big Neck Records that contained this LP.  On top of that, it was a live album, which I'm typically not really a fan of to begin with (Aside from the notable exceptions of Bum - Shake Town! and Leatherface - Live In Oslo).  I wasn't sure this album was the ideal way to introduce me to a new band, but you know what...this might be the best way to hear The Stools for the first time.

What I really like about this record is the blistering energy it is able to capture.  The band just sounds like they are on fire plowing from one blues influenced punk stomper to the next.  It reminds me a little bit of the first Black-Eyed Snakes album, at least in the way that the pounding drums keep things pushing along.  That coupled with the fuzzed out, soulful guitar riffs makes for a magic combination.

I can't say that the vocals are my favorite thing in the world and since it's a live album I can't be sure if it's just a recording issue or if the band's vocals typically sound this way.  Lots of distorted shouting for sure, but it doesn't over power the huge rocking band behind them.  

The Stools - Live At Outer Limits 12-28-19:

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