Monday, December 13, 2021

Bashford - Greener Grasses - Sea Blue Vinyl (/250)


Big Neck (2021)

Just got a pile of records in the mail from Big Neck.  Two LPs and EIGHT cassettes.  It'll definitely take me a bit to get through all of these.  I decided to start off with one of the LPs and dug into the band Bashford for the first time.

I wasn't really sure what to expect going into it.  It felt like it could be a hardcore record, but the artwork also had a strong 90s indie rock vibe to it.  It actually lands in pretty much the perfect middle ground place.  This very much feels like a relic from the early 90s Pacific Northwest scene.  I hear some Karp, some godheadSilo and maybe just a tiny touch of Unwound.

There's a subtle catchiness to the songs on this album.  Don't get me wrong, the prominent vibe is heavy guitars and howling vocals, but there's something about the riffs and song structures that wrap themselves around hooks that aren't super obvious.  This album is probably an acquired taste and might not appeal to everyone, but if you bounced around genres thirty years ago, you would have definitely come across a band similar to Bashford.  And because of that, I can appreciate a record like this coming out in 2021.

Bashford - Greener Grasses:


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