Monday, December 6, 2021

Mark Murphy and the Meds - On The Brink LP - White w/ Splatter Vinyl


Bloated Kat / Brassneck / All In / Horn & Hoof / Kezy P (2021)

OK, it looks like everyone waited until the end of the year to start putting out the great records.  I'm sure the labels will say "blah blah blah, vinyl turnaround times," but we all know what really is happening.  This is without a doubt a coordinated effort to make my December more complicated when I'm trying to get my end of the year list together.  Making me scramble to get these albums written up before it's time to post my list.  I'm on to you all...

Mark Murphy and the Meds is fronted by Mark "Guitar" Murphy (I'm going to keep hammering this nickname until someone else starts picking up on it) of Crocodile God/No Marks fame.  It's no secret that he's long been one of my favorite songwriters and most everything he touches turns to gold for my ears.  On The Brink is no exception.

Like with his other bands, he and the Meds have crafted a joyous slice of UK pop punk perfection.  The hooks are all over every song on the album, with buzzsaw guitar melodies galore.  To me, it really doesn't sound too dissimilar from Crocodile God, but that's not a slight.  If anything, I consider that a tremendous selling point.

Now, I do have to say one critical thing and it's just that I don't really dig the artwork too much with the wacky monsters and what not.  But questionable artwork would never stop me from loving a band.  Don't you know how many Snuff albums I have?  This record is just flat out great.  A late contender for one of the very best of the year.

Mark Murphy and the Meds - On The Brink:

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