Friday, March 29, 2024

The Pretty Flowers - Police Me Flexi


Self Released (2024)

You may have noticed that The Pretty Flowers put out my favorite record of last year.  If you did notice that, I'm sure you're not surprised at all that I immediately got my hands on the band's new flexi 7" the moment it was made available.  While I'm generally not a huge fan of flexis or lathe cuts due to their fragility and lower fidelity vs. a traditional 7" record, I will always still collect and support them when it's a band I dig.  I understand the costs of putting out vinyl and am totally fine with other ways to get music out there.  Especially when it's not on cassette!

There's just the one song on this flexi, "Police Me."  Unsurprisingly it's a fantastic song and could have easily been a part of either Pretty Flowers album.  It's got that vague Built To Spill sort of pop sound, but with warmer, crunchier guitars and less ostentatious guitar soloing.  It's a quick song that maybe wraps up a little faster than I would have liked, but if my major complaint is that I wish there was more of the song I'm listening to, you get the idea that this one's a keeper.

The flexi itself sounds pretty good for what it is.  Not as good as a vinyl 7", but we've come a long way with flexi technology since the McDonald's Menu Song one came out.  When's someone going to cover that song?

The Pretty Flowers - "Police Me":

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