Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Love As Laughter - Timers 7"

Trademark of Quality (2012)

Love As Laughter & I go way back. We go back to before there even was a Love As Laughter. We go back to the days of Sam Jayne's prior band Lync, one of those bands that I feel I can never tell people about enough. When Lync sadly disbanded, Sam started up Love as Laughter and has been cranking out records every since.

This is a self released 7" with 2 new songs. Timers is a treble guitar with galloping drum affair. It churns along with just a slight pysch hint in the vocals. The B-side is actually my favorite of the 2. It's a bit poppier and has elements that remind me of Love As Laughter's earlier material with an extended intro and outro and a bit of a breakdown in the middle.

Always happy to add another Love As Laughter record to the collection, but I'll be honest, the Love As Laughter record that I would kill to add to the collection is their first self titled demo tape. I have been searching for a copy of that since 1995 and would do just about anything to get a copy at this point. If you can be any help in tracking one down for me, please get in touch.

Love As Laughter - Timers:

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