Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Needles // Pins - Getting On Home 7" - Blue Vinyl (/150)

La-Ti-Da (2012)

I recently received a five 7" pack of records from La-Ti-Da records that I ordered. In picking up the pack, I was able to secure the limited to 150 colored vinyl variants of them all. You'll be seeing more posts about the other 4 over the next few weeks, but I wanted to start out with the band I was most excited to hear, Needles // Pins.

This 7" is such a nice slice of power pop goodness. The A-Side is a minute and a half ripper that will make fans Statues or The Steve Adamyk Band start jumping around their living room. The B-side takes it down a notch and allows the band to stretch out a bit, yielding even better results than the A-side, if you ask me. It's a very successful one-two punch and I can only hope that the band's full length (which I pre-ordered from another label ages ago) shows up in my mailbox soon.

Needles // Pins - Getting On Home 7"

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