Friday, September 28, 2012

Tranzmitors - Concrete Depression 7" - Blue Vinyl (/150)

La Ti Da (2012)

Sadly, I can't do Seaweed Friday this week. While I do have another Seaweed record on its way do me, it didn't show up in the mail in time for me to post about it today. I'll put it up next Friday, but it's a bummer to break the streak.

What isn't a bummer is thie new Tranzmitors single on La Ti Da. Like the Needles // Pins 7" I posted about, by ordering a party pack of the labels releases, I was able to secure a copy of this beauty on limited blue vinyl.

Tranzmitors are one of the top notch bands out there playing mod infused power pop and this single is another great example of the pure talent they bring to the party. Both songs are great and really are shining examples of the kind of treble heavy, throwback pop that some other bands try to pull off. Tranzmitors nail it every time, and this 7" is absolutely worth your time.

Transmitors - Concrete Depression 7":

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