Thursday, December 12, 2013

Iron Chic - The Constant One LP - White w/ Splatter Vinyl (/300)

Bridge Nine (2013)

Being a professional wrestling fans really pays dividends when you least expect it. My love of wrestling is what made me check out Iron Chic way back when they put out their first self released demo tape in 2008. I was very impressed by them right off the bat and continued to keep tabs on them whenever a new record came out. As much as I liked them from the get go, I don't know that I would have ever imagined a record as great as The Constant One from them.

It's just track after track of fist balling, finger pointing, sing along anthems. Not in the cheesy hardcore way either. Iron Chic posses such strong songwriting chops and they are able to effortlessly weave together passion & energy into melodic, but powerful songs. This is a band that is able to show some real emotion, but manages to not come off seeming lame or contrived. It's a rare talent. Plus they have a song called "(Castle) Numskull," so really, who needs more reason than that to buy this record?

I'm a broken record this year, but again, this is yet another truly great album for 2013. Iron Chic is really helping to close out the year just as strongly as it started up.

Iron Chic - The Constant One:

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