Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sick Sick Birds - All The Fins In The Sea 7" - Black Vinyl & White/BlueA/B Vinyl (/150)

Ghostbot (2013)

I'll just talk a bit about how amazing the packaging is on this record as I have written about the music previously (www.ibuywaytoomanyrecords.com/2013/09/sick-sick-birds-all...). To sum up the music portion of this review. It's great and one of the best things the band has done so far.

Now the packaging on this 7" is amazing. The shark fin design on the front cover is die cut. Behind it is a single square image of the see, with record information & lyrics on the other side of the square. The White/Blue A/B colored vinyl looks fantastic, particularly the side that's mostly white. It adds even more to the nautical theme of the packaging. I just can't say enough good things about how great this record looks. it's absolutely helpful that the music is stellar as well, but good artwork like this doesn't crop up all that often.

Sick Sick Birds - All The Fins In The Sea 7":

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