Monday, December 9, 2013

The Wrong Words - Everything Is Free LP - Green Vinyl (/500)

Trouble In Mind (2013)

Everything Is Free is the 2nd full length from San Francisco's The Wrong Words. In the past I've heard them called the West Coast Gentlemen Jesse, and while I don't think that comparison is 100% accurate, it is a pretty decent jumping off point if you're looking for a reference.

As with their debut, the new record is full of upbeat, clean guitar with pop hooks and a little bit of vocal fuzz. Their are times where the vocals can borderline on being a bit weird when the singer is aiming for some of the really high notes, but it's not often and the band keeps the songs straightforward and catchy.

Everything Is Free is just as strong as the Wrong Words' debut, so it should please prior fans of the band. It may even prove to be a better starting point for those that are new to the party. This album may be destined to be slightly overshadowed by the never ending stream of amazing records that have come out in 2013, but it's absolutely worth making some time for.

The Wrong Words - And It's Not So Pretty:

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