Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Aaron & The Burrs - Release The Bats 7"


UT (2014)

I've gotten a few things to review from UT records in the past, mainly the Space Wolves cassettes that are so good.  Being that they were cassettes, I couldn't get through the review without lamenting that they were not released on vinyl.  Well, UT records is back in my mailbox and this time the package was square instead of rectangular.  Thanks!

Aaron & The Burrs are not a band I had heard of before listening to this 7", but I sure hope to hear more from them in the future.  They're playing fun, breezy surf rock.  Akin to The Ventures or any one of the great surf bands of yore.  You've got the mild echo effect on the lead guitar.  The bass & drums providing a solid canvas to display the guitar gymnastics.  It's a tried and true formula, but one that works very well for the Burrs.

Lots of modern surf bands tend to muck things up with unneeded effects and noises crammed into their songs, but Release The Bats offers no trickery.  The only thing that they are serving up are short, sweet instrumental jams.  If anything, my only criticism is that there's only 2 songs and both clock in right around 2 minutes.  I would have been even happier if they crammed 2 more songs on this guy.  Regardless, UT records and Aaron & The Burrs on on to something with this 7" and I hope they both work together again to bring some more great music into the world.

Aaron & The Burrs - Release The Bats 7":

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