Friday, October 24, 2014

Superchunk + Eleanor Friedberger - Live in NYC 7"


Merge (2014)

This is a nice little novelty record, but it's certainly nothing essential.  2 live tracks featuring Superchunk along with Eleanor Friedberger.  It was recorded at the Bowery Ballroom in 2013, but the 7" itself was sold at Merge Records 25th anniversary bash this past year.  I was not at said bash, so I'm thankful that they put the leftovers for sale up on the Merge website.

The first song on here is a cover of the Ramones "Oh Oh I Love Her So" and the 2nd is a Patti Smith number "Free Money."  Neither one of these are really going to blow your socks off.  Recording quality is good and the band is tight as ever, but at the end of the day they're just cover songs.

Being the crazy Superchunk 7" collector that I am, it would have driven me all kinds of crazy if I didn't have this in my collection.  But it's really only something a completist like me would care all that much about.

Superchunk + Eleanor Friedberger - "Free Money" (Fan shot live video):

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