Monday, October 27, 2014

Hurry - Everything/Nothing LP


Hot Green (2014)

I had seen a post on the pop punk message board about this album along with a link to one of the songs so I decided to check it out.  I liked what I heard and I pre-ordered the record.  I'm always in the market for some new bands.  Sometimes I feel like I stay too focused on the tried and true and don't spend enough time cultivating new sounds.

Thus turned out to be a mixed bag.  As a whole it's pretty good, but there a couple of things that really keep me from enjoying the album as much as I could.  The biggest culprit is the blown out static filled vocals on every song.  While I'm not stranger to bands that do this and as a rule, I usually dig it, there are some instances where it can detract from the overall rock.  This is one of those times as the fuzzy vocals are a real minus for Hurry.  On the more upbeat songs it's not much of an issue, but as Everything/Nothing has its fair share of slower songs, the fuzz just totally blows out the softer moments that the band is trying to achieve,

That being said, when Hurry hits their stride, this album can be really enjoyable.  The absolute highlight of the record is "Oozing Positivity."  It's one of the faster songs, built on a catchy guitar riff and straight ahead drumming.  The vocals that you can hear through the fuzz compliment the instrumentation nicely and  there's some fun feedback laden guitar squall thrown into the breaks for good measure.

Sadly, the album isn't that consistently good.  I really feel that it would be so much better if they killed the effects that cover up the vocals on every song.  I realize I keep harping on that one issue, but unfortunately it's the one issue that really detracts from Hurry.

Hurry - Everything/Nothing LP:

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