Thursday, November 13, 2014

Low Culture / Needles//Pins - Split 7" - Clear Vinyl (/200)


Dirtnap (2014)

I just love Low Culture and Needles//Pins.  I've been writing nice things about both bands for a while, but I feel like they've never really gotten their due.  Low Culture, I think, tends to get lumped in with and then somewhat overshadowed by other Marked Men spin-offs.  Needles//Pins also end up being grouped in with a lot of the current exceptional Canadian garage-y/pop bands of the moment and I've always felt they weren't being given their due.  This 7" lets both bands shine and if there is any justice in the world, both will be recognized for the phenomenal bands that they are.

Low Culture provide 2 fast paced, energetic and extremely catchy songs.  Both are as good if not better than anything on their 2013 album Screens (Go get that now if you don't already have it).  "Reservations" builds off of a deceptively simple guitar rift for the verse and then just explodes into the chorus.  It also has a really cool instrumental breakdown popped in the middle.  "Don't Tell Me" is a bit more straightforward pop, but every bit as great with those "ooh ooh" backing vocals that get me every time.

Needles//Pins are definitely a little scuzzier and less refined than some bands, but in that scuzz the band is writing such incredible pop songs it blows my mind.  The lead guitar riff that starts off "Hateful" (and then kind of acts as the chorus for the rest of the song) is so great.  It's a hit single in every sense of the term. "Bored" sounds like it would have easily fit in on their last album Shamebirds.  Classic Needles//Pins with scratchy vocals, fuzzy guitars and a killer hook.

Hopefully this 7" will really show people the greatness of these two.  Not only should you pick up the 7", it's a crime to not have both of these bands' recent full lengths in your collection.  I suggest you correct that oversight as soon as possible.

Low Culture / Needles//Pins - Split 7":

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