Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Unwound - You Bite My Tongue 7"


Gravity (1993)

More Unwound Wednesday action.  This time in the form of their one sided 1993 single from Gravity (Though this appears to be the 1996 repress with the grey sleeve).  This is only one sided as on the B-side there is an elaborate etching of just a bunch of text.  It's pretty neat actually, but I wouldn't mind that space being taken up by some more songs.

This era of Unwound is pretty good stuff.  It's punky and fast and shouty, but is starting to show signs of the underlying sludge and darkness that would start to creep into their songs over the next few years.  It's the band at the height of their angry and loud phase.

Despite it being one sided, they still manage to cram 3 songs on here: "You Bite My Tongue," Kid Is Gone Chant Of Vengeance," and Understand And Forget."  "You Bite My Tongue" is likely the highlight of this bunch as it's a but more textured and dynamic than the comparative straightforwardness of the other 2.  I'm starting to run out of Unwound 7"s already, I'm going to have to pick a few more up so I can keep Unwound Wednesday going.

Unwound - "You Bite My Tongue":

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