Thursday, November 20, 2014

Your Pest Band - Other Bore 7"


Episode (2014)

You could make an argument that Your Pest Band is the hardest working band in punk rock.  I feel like every other month, I look up and they have a new single or a new album.  Not that I'm complaining as they hit it out of the park nearly every time.

In fact, this 7" is one of my favorite things they have ever done.  A-Side "Other Bore" is built off of a lead guitar line that takes me back to 60's girl group rock.  Now, the vocals change up that feeling very quick, but it's a great song.  Somewhat slower than a lot of what Your Pest Band typically puts out, but extremely poppy.  I hope to hear more from them in this vein.

B-side "Dice" is just a hit song.  Fast, driving with big hooks.  It's classic, straightforward Your Pest Band mod/punk.  I can't really say enough good things about it, it is one of the best things they've put out.  Plus the video they have up for it just makes them look like the coolest bunch of dudes you've ever seen.  Great stuff.

Your Pest Band - "Dice":

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