Thursday, February 5, 2015

Jody Seabody - Some Witch 7"


Artificial Head (2014)

I've got a few 7"s lying around that people sent to me for review.  I'm going to try to knock off at least two a week and get through them all.  They run the gamut from pretty good to pretty bad.  As far as Jody Seabody goes, they are probably closer to the bad end of the spectrum.

I really don't know what to make of these guys.  The two songs on this 7" are just all over the place.  Both songs are five minutes long and neither really warrant that much time spent on them.  The A side "Some Witch" shifts from mood to mood.  There are parts with vocals over minimal guitar and washed out drums.  Then the song kicks in to a pretty awesome guitar riff.  This riff repeats itself a couple of times throughout the song, but Jody Seabody never really does anything with it.  The rest of the song alternates between somber moaning vocals and some other dude just shouting.  They're trying to be psychedelic and punky all in the same song and it really doesn't work.

While "Some Witch" is a bit of a mess and could use some focus, at least there's a few interesting ideas going on.  The B side "Tuesday" is just a slab of meathead punk rock that essentially is an excuse for gang vocals to shout "Everybody wants to talk about Tuesday" over and over again for three minutes.  Then as a bonus, the song shifts into this weird synthy acid trip for another two minutes.  Then we get muttered spoken word over over a heartbeat drum machine track and assorted swooshes and other noises.  This is the sort of song that should be ninety seconds long and thrown in as a joke between real songs.  It should not be a five minute opus.  I do not understand it at all.

As always, I'm appreciative of anyone that sends me a record to check out, it is one of the nice benefits of doing a dumb website like this, but man this is a record I just can't get behind.

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