Monday, February 9, 2015

Widows Watch - This Message Repeats LP - Orange Vinyl (/100)


Toxic Pop (2015)

Toxic Pop has become one of those labels that I will blindly buy whatever they put out.  Their penchant for putting out records that I love is remarkable and all I can really say is that they sure do have some good taste in music over there.  Widows Watch is their latest band and while they are new to me, they sound like an old friend.

Widows Watch seem to take inspiration from some of my favorite bands, particularly those from the 90's UK punk scene.  You can hear some Leatherface in there, but more than anything they remind me of a band from Stoke-On-Trent called Reverse.  Reverse only put out a few 7"s on Damaged Goods records, but those 7"s have had a lasting effect on me for years.  They were a band that never got their due for putting together melodies and huge guitars, a trait that Widows Watch also has in spades.  The lyrics are gritty and have a China Drum-ish quality to them.  Not quite over the top enough to be considered poetry, but they definitely have more to say than your average band.

This Message Repeats is the first great record of 2015.  It's always thrilling to me when a band seems like they're playing the exact kind of punk rock I want to listen to.  I like melodies, but I need a band with a backbone that wants to make loud aggressive pop music.  Widows Watch absolutely fits that bill.  This is an essential pick up.

Widows Watch - This Message Repeats:


  1. great blog! you know about the reverse reissues right? also, i saw you dig murmurs. i have a few unreleased songs if you're interested.

  2. Thanks for putting me up on Toxic Pop. Check out Eccentric Pop for a similar label, and Travis has some of the best customer service in the industry.