Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Survival Knife - Survivalized 12" - Clear Vinyl


Chunklet (2014)

I'm all out of records for Unwound Wednesday.  Best I can tell, I now have a complete set of Unwound 7"s.  Since the last of the Numero Group box sets will catch me up on all of the full lengths, I'm content stopping there.  Though somehow I managed to buy 2 copies of the Unwound/Versus split.  Don't ask me how I pulled off that one.

So, as a closing to this great day of the week, I'll wrap up with the newest Survival Knife EP.  That seems fitting to me as it is the new band of Justin Trosper of Unwound along with the original Unwound drummer, Brandt Sandeno.  Right off the bat, let me just make clear that although it doesn't rival my dislike of cassettes, I do not like EPs.  I figure if you only have a few songs, put out a 7".  If you have too many songs for a 7", save up a few more and put out a full album.  12" EPs are just too expensive for the amount of music you get.

That being said, this is one hell of an EP.  Last year's full length, Loose Power, was one of my absolute favorites.  This EP shows the band is still firing on all cylinders.  There are 3 new songs along with an alternate version of album track "Gold Widow" and a live version of "Roman Fever."  Honestly, I'd be fine chucking those 2 and just having a 7" of the 3 new amazing songs.

The two A side songs are fast and intense with searing guitar and Justin's trademark soft/scream vocals.  They have the energy of Hot Snakes, but with more left of center guitar work.  In particular, "Tropic Of Chaos" is just outstanding.  The B side's new track, "Lasso or Noose" is more of a sprawling instrumental.  It clocks in at over seven minutes, but explores some pretty interesting paths during that run.  It's probably the main reason this had to be a 12" rather than a 7".  OK, maybe the EP is a format that annoys me, but these Survival Knife songs are worth every penny.  I hope they are already hard at work on a new LP because I want more.

Survival Knife - Survivalized 12":

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  1. Do you know how many they pressed on clear vinyl? I didn't even know this was coming out and saw it after the fact and ordered a blue version. Can't wait for a full length from them!