Monday, October 12, 2015

Get Bent - Discography LP - White Vinyl (/100)


Dead Broke (2015)

I've said before that Dead Broke is one of those record labels that I trust more often than not.  While I can't claim to buy every single record they put out, I sure seem to pick up most of them.  The fact that they released this Get Bent discography LP is one of the reasons I trust them. 

I already have two Get Bent 7"s in my collection, the Dead It 7" on It's Alive as well as their split with Jean Claude Jam Band that came out on Kiss Of Death.  I knew what I was getting into buying this LP and I was aware that I already would have some of the songs.  Still, it's nice to just have everything in one place and all of the songs work really well as a full length album.

Get Bent is playing the style of melodic punk that I most often associate with bands like Iron Chic, Spraynard and to a lesser extent, RVIVR.  Catchy shout along choruses, biting lyrics and a rough around the edges presentation.  Get Bent are so good at this style of music, you start to wonder how they ended up kind of forgotten.  By any rights they should have been just as popular as any of the bands I mentioned earlier.

Regardless, it's awfully nice to be able to put on one record and hear everything they released.  Maybe with this discography LP, they'll finally get some of the notoriety that they deserved all along.

Get Bent - Discography LP:

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