Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hungry Tiger - S/T LP - Blue Vinyl


Sex Sheet (2015)

When I got a package of records in the mail from a label called Sex Sheet, I had pretty low expectations.  I am certainly guilty of a little pre-judgment here and there when it comes to band names and things like that.  Sex Sheet didn't sound like the sort of label that would really be putting out records that I would be into.  Still, when someone sends me something to review, I feel something of an obligation to listen and write about it.  I did hold out some hope for Hungry Tiger as I thought the artwork looked pretty cool.

Turns out, I love this record.  I was completely floored by how great it is.  This is probably not going to sound like a compliment, but to me they sound like one of the late, great, failed guitar pop bands of the mid '90s.  I'm talking of amazing bands that never got their due like The Figgs, Pluto, Treble Charger, Fig Dish, Flop and the rest of the champions of the 1990s dollar bins.  These were bands that were great, but for whatever reason, never caught on the way they should have.

I hope the same fate doesn't fall on Hungry Tiger (though not being on a major label in 1996 is probably a good start).  They have everything I'm looking for in a band.  All of the songs are tight and punchy.  Catchy verses lead into even catchier choruses.  They have great backing vocal harmonies and huge, full sounding guitars that maintain the band's obvious melodic leanings while providing enough crunch to keep things from sounding over produced.  The singer reminds me a lot of the guy from the old Canadian band Punchbuggy.  Especially the My Norwegian Cousin incarnation of those guys.

Hungry Tiger is a band that may not be on your radar, but man oh man they should be.  This is in the running for the absolute best thing I've ever received unsolicited as a review.  I am thrilled that it has snuck its way into my collection and have been playing it pretty non-stop for a few weeks now.  Go get it!

Hungry Tiger - S/T LP:

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