Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Iron Chic - Ys 7"


Poison City (2015)

Maintaining a complete discography by a band can be an expensive proposition sometimes.  This is especially the case when you start factoring in buying different variants of the same record.  Luckily, I never got sucked into that level when it comes to Iron Chic, but I do try to maintain a complete collection of at least one copy of each of their records.  The first thing I ever bought by this band was their 2008 demo tape, so I kind of feel like I have a responsibility to keep up.

The expense comes in as this particular 7" comes from Poison City records from Australia.  The cost of importing it was a bit prohibitive, so I waited patiently in the hopes that an American distro would pick up a few copies.  This did eventually occur, but the cost of the 7" was still pretty high.  It's not really a complaint, I understand the distro had to cover the cost of shipping and it was probably for the best that I didn't have to worry about the post office destroying the package all the way from Australia.

As usual with Iron Chic, musically this 7" was absolutely worth the wait and the cost.  At this point, you can almost say that this sounds like Iron Chic.  I tend to use them as my standard bearer for this kind of passionate, melodic punk rock.  They are band with the biggest anthemic choruses in the world and as a result, I usually compare everyone else to them.  The two originals on this record, "Ys" and "The Dreaming And The Waking World," are everything I want out of Iron Chic songs.  Verses that build up into that trademark punchy chorus.  They stand shoulder to shoulder with anything the band has released previously.

The third song, "Dog Bite," is a Dead Kennedys cover.  I'm not as into this as the originals.  It's a good enough version of the song, but I honestly can't say that I've ever like The Dead Kennedys quite as much as a lot of other folks do.  Regardless, the originals are as great as ever and I think are worth grabbing, if you were on the fence about picking up this 7".

Iron Chic - Ys 7":

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